About us

General news and other publications that have tried to publish the same content as we specialize on, have shown the lack of passion and patience to details as we prescribe to the articles published here. From the first article published, we always showed the readers who are interested in technology as much as we are all the details they flip through our site in search for.

Our platform, although originally put online with the sole intention of publishing the news and content for the readers, a one way street of communication, it has morphed into more that we had anticipated. Now more than a way to get the news out, we have just as much communication coming in and worth listening to as that which we publish.

Through all the hardships, we have grown to respect the passion that is shared by both readers and writers of the content on our platform. This respect has awarded us with unprecedented growth that humbles us.

Courageous writers and investigative journalists have followed the wind of technological advancements deep into new territories for the sake of all our readers. The original themes and direct conversations have all proven a model that works.